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Viral Singing Bird

PERFORMS EW&F’s ‘September’ …

Sleepy Owner’s Furious 😅

A British woman’s pet bird is also an early bird — and the way it wakes up its owner is with some ’70s soul music … which the internet is absolutely loving on TikTok.

Kiki — a singing cockatiel who’s amassed 3 million followers — has got the whole world chirping with its latest performance … which its frustrated human posted online.

Kiki sings Earth, Wind and Fire’s “September” bright and early — to the chagrin of this poor woman.

Apparently for Kiki … no hour was too early to bop along to the catchy chorus of the 1978 mega-hit while on top of a fish tank in the owner’s room.

The sleep-deprived owner then puts up her finger to order “silence” from the bird, who complies … but is back at it a second later because, let’s face it, the song’s just too good to give up!

Frustrated with Kiki’s antics, the owner sent out a cry for help in the caption, writing — “Send help plz where’s the off button on parrot.”

With 22 million likes and counting, the comments poured in — one person acknowledged the owner “didn’t turn it off, just snoozed it” … while another joked, “Who’s the manager of the bird? I need to contact them about putting this star on my next track🔥.”

Kiki’s been spreading joy and laughter across the internet for a while now with a bunch of other renditions, such as “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”

There’s clearly no stopping this feathered phenomenon … and in this case, it looked like the early bird got the worm!

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