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  • Private chartered flights necessary for remote destinations due to lack of scheduled services – access granted to unique and stunning locations.
  • Remote islands, wildlife havens, and exclusive destinations like Lady Elliot Island require the operation of smaller private aircraft for accessibility.
  • Short and gravel runways limit commercial accessibility – highlighting private flights essential for tourists to reach remarkable spots like Greenland’s Ittoqqortoormiit.

Scheduled commercial flights are available in thousands of destinations around the world. Commercial airlines cover some of the smallest communities through scheduled flights. However, a handful of stunning destinations can only be accessed by a private charter flight.

Simple Flying highlights those destinations as discussed in Pilot.

1 Lady Elliot Island, Australia

Lady Elliot Island Landing Strip

Latitude/Longitude -24.116667/152.7
Runway 17/35 (1,755 ft)
Surface Grass

Lady Elliot Island is a shore destination in Australia with clear waters and a lot of marine life. The destination is one of the few remote places to reach via an air carrier. With no scheduled flights to Lady Elliot Island, one must arrange a chartered private flight to access it. The landing strip comprises a grass surface with a length of 1,755 ft (535 m).

An Aerocare Refurbished Embraer Legacy 600 Parked On An Airport Apron.

Photo: Aerocare


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Runway 17/35 is one of the shortest landing strips, allowing accessibility for only short takeoff and landing (STOL) aircraft. The island is located 80 km northeast of Bundaberg and has a total size of 100 square acres. Travelers can walk around the island in under an hour.

2 Rainbow Bay, Alaska

Pedro Bay Airport

Latitude/Longitude 59.7822/ 154.1325
Runway 9/27 (3,002 ft)
Surface Gravel

Rainbow Bay in Alaska is another stunning destination that is only accessible via a chartered flight. It is one of the most remote areas in the United States, with no formal addresses or major roads. The nearest major road is a 180-mile journey. The area can be accessed by using the public service, Pedro Bay Airport.

Hawker 800 private executive jet taxiing after landing at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas.

Photo: Ceri Breeze | Shutterstock


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The airport has a 3,002-ft (915 m) gravel runway. Due to the short runway, only a handful of smaller private aircraft can access the airport. The area provides stunning views of the snow-covered mountain range of Alaska. The bay is located on the largest lake in Alaska, Iliamna Lake. The popular destination for fishermen must be noticed, given there are means for a charter flight.

3 The Galápagos Islands

Baltra Airport

Latitude/Longitude -0.47245/-90.28723
Runway 14/32 (7,876 ft)
Surface Hard

The Galápagos Islands are a wildlife-watching destination located 1,000 km from the Ecuadorian Coast. Only two airports, Baltra and San Christobal Airports, serve over 127 small and medium islands in the region. The area is only accessible via a private chartered flight, and that too to Baltra Airport.

A Front Profile View of a Private Jet with its gear down.

Photo: BlueBarronPhoto | Shutterstock


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The airport has a long, hard-surfaced runway of 7,878 ft (2,400 m). The wildlife haven is famous for giant tortoises and yellow-colored land iguanas that are frequent visitors of the area. Apart from general tourists, the island sees regular visits from wildlife researchers and biologists.

4 Nauru

Nauru Airport

Latitude/Longitude -0.55/166.92
Runway 12/30 (7,054 ft)
Surface Hard

It is the world’s smallest island nation, having only 10,000 inhabitants. Nauru is also the most unvisited country in the world. The remote island is connected to other larger islands via the country’s national airline, Our Airline. The carrier only flies twice a week, leaving almost no choice but to utilize a private aircraft.


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A Cessna 172 flying in the sky.

Photo: Robert Buchel | Shutterstock

Nauru Airport can be accessed via a chartered flight. The airport has a hard-surface runway of 7,054 ft (2,150 m), large enough to support most private jets. The island is filled with miles of untouched white sandy beaches. The remnants of Japan’s WWII occupation can be seen all across the island.

5 Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

Ittoqqortoormiit Landing Strip

Latitude/Longitude 70.4903/21.9991
Runway 18/36 (3,281 ft)
Surface Gravel

The beauty of the Northern Lights can be seen from this beautiful destination in Greenland. One of the biggest adventures of the area is getting to Ittoqqortoormiit. Tourists can catch a routine flight only once or twice a week, limiting accessibility to the stunning area.

A Gulfstream G550 on an airport apron with mountains in the background.

Photo: Roberto Chiartano | Shutterstock


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The Ittoqqortoomiit landing strip can access the area, a 3,281 ft (1,000 m) long space. The runway is not a paved surface but gravel, further limiting accessibility. The area is known for the Polar Bears that live here. Tourists find a wide range of activities in the area, including Kayaking, dog sledding, hunting, and fishing.

6 The Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Skeleton Coast

Latitude/Longitude -20.96313990/14.1335850
Runway 33/15
Surface Hard sand

The Skeleton Coast in Namibia comprises scattered shipwrecks and strewed skeletons of numerous marine life creatures. It is one of the most beautiful places to fly to in Southern Africa. The Bushmen of Namibia call the region “the land that God made in Anger!” thanks to its history with skeletons. The region looks like a scene from a fantasy novel.

A Gulfstream G800 flying over a coastal area.

Photo: Gulfstream Aerospace


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The Skeleton Coast can be accessed via the hard sand runway built in the region. The region has some of the greatest restrictions for visitors. Only 800 people can visit the region yearly and through organized safari planes.

What are your thoughts on the stunning destinations that can be accessed through private charter flights? Share your views in the comments section.

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