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  • Phenom 300 has remained the best-selling light jet for 12 years, excelling in performance, technology, comfort, and support.
  • Embraer has delivered over 730 aircraft to 40 countries, offering upgrades based on customer feedback and industry trends.
  • Phenom 300E features long-range, short runway takeoff, high speed, and lower acquisition cost, making it a top choice in business aviation.

On Wednesday, February 21, Embraer announced that its Phenom 300 was once again the world’s best-selling light jet – its 12th consecutive year for holding that title. This data has been provided by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA).

Best-selling light jet

During 2023, Embraer manufactured and delivered a total of 63 Phenom 300s to customers. Over the past ten years, Embraer has delivered more than 730 total aircraft. These aircraft are operating in 40 different countries and have accrued a total of over 2 million flight hours. Currently, the Phenom 300 is the most-flown business aircraft in the United States. Over the past year, it has logged more than 360,000 total flights.

An Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300 Flying in the sky.

Photo: InsectWorld | Shutterstock

The President and Chief Executive Officer of Embraer Executive Jets, Michael Amalfitano, spoke about the success of the Phenom 300. Amalfitano stated,

“The Phenom 300 series continues to demonstrate Embraer’s commitment to delivering the ultimate experience in business aviation. For more than a decade, the aircraft has earned well-deserved recognition and continues to excel in terms of performance, technology, comfort, and support.”

Embraer has also released new upgrades for its successful light jet. Amalfitano continued, saying,

“With our ongoing dedication to our loyal customers, we will continue to develop the program based on customer feedback, industry trends, and new technologies.”

The South American-based manufacturer recently announced a new autothrottle upgrade that will be available on the Phenom 300E. The aircraft also features a redesigned interior and utilizes the Garmin G3000 flight deck, which are both upgrades to the original Phenom 300.

The success of the Phenom 300 in the United States

Between July 2022 and June 2023 specifically, the Embraer Phenom 300 had 360,790 flights. During this period, the light jet surpassed the Cessna Citation Excel as the business jet with the most operations, per the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Since then, the Embraer-built business jet continued its success over the next several months. It has stayed ahead of the Cessna Citation Excel in terms of flights over one-year periods since then.

An Embraer Phenom 300E On a runway.

Photo: Photosbypatrik | Shutterstock

Several different features have propelled this aircraft to have success throughout the world. The currently produced aircraft, the Phenom 300E, has a long range of 2,010 nautical miles (2,313 miles) and has the ability to take off from a 914-meter (3,000-foot) runway. These features ensure the aircraft can take off and land at a wide range of airports across the United States.

It also has a maximum speed of 464 knots (535 miles per hour) and can reach altitudes of up to 13,700 meters (45,000 feet). This performance is provided by its two Pratt & Whitney PW525E engines, which produce a combined 7,000 pounds of thrust.

The aircraft can hold up to nine passengers, which is less than some of its competitors. Its range is slightly less as well. However, the Phenom 300 has a significantly lower acquisition cost compared to its competitors. This has propelled it to become the most popular light jet in the world.



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