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GAS guzzling Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner’s private jets took at least 114 flights in the past year leaving a mammoth carbon footprint – with dozens of flights being only lasting a few minutes. 

Kim and Kylie own top of the range planes, worth $150M and $72.8M respectively, which have clocked up hundreds of thousands of miles in the last 12 months jet-setting around the world.

Kim posing inside her $70M private jetCredit: Instagram/kimkardashian
Kylie Jenner goes makeup-free on her $72M jetCredit: Instagram/@kyliejenner
Kylie Jenner regularly shares pictures of her private jet on InstagramCredit: Instagram/@kyliejenner

Yet some trips haven’t even left Los Angeles county and lasted a mere quarter of an hour.

The stats come from tech wizard Jack Sweeney, 22, who has been using public data to expose the lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous online.

Last week, Taylor Swift threatened to sue Sweeney for publishing the live tracking of her two jets citing “stalking and harassing behavior”. 

Just days later Taylor flew 9,000 miles in her private jet from Tokyo to watch boyfriend Travis Kelce in the Super Bowl.

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Her lawyer’s “cease and desist” letter was backed by Elon Musk, who called out Sweeney on Twitter saying he “is an awful human being”.

Musk had his own beef with him the previous year. He’d offered $5k for Sweeney to stop tracking his jet, but Sweeney refused and, ironically, has a dedicated account @ElonJetNextDay on X. 

He even mocked Musk this week, posting on X: “Let’s remember you offered me 5k to stop. Also threatened to sue me, and here we are a year later”.

Sweeney runs numerous websites and social media accounts, some dedicated to just one celeb such as the case with Kim and Kylie.

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His site Celebrity Private Jet Tracker states Kim’s Gulfstream G650 has made 69 trips since January last year, that’s 146,097 miles, 119,570 gallons of fuel and 1,308 metric tons of carbon emissions.

But the real figure is likely to be over 100 trips, as Sweeney admits that his website hasn’t collated every single flight. 

Taylor swift Jet-Sets 20,000 miles in 10 days

On his @kimjet Instagram account, it shows plenty of other journeys, including the incredibly short flight from LA’s Van Nuys Airport to Camarillo Airport – and vice versa.

This is a distance of just 35 miles, lasting just over 15 minutes, using 90 gallons and spewing out nearly one ton of CO2 emissions. 

The U.S. Sun counted at least 24 flights between LAX, Camarillo Airport and Van Nuys. 

Meanwhile, Sweeney has calculated that Kylie’s Bombardier Global 75000 has used 78,510 gallons jet fuel for a minimum 45 journeys, clocking up 76,548 miles and pumping out 893 metric tons of CO2 pollution.

Kylie’s favorite hops are the same as her elder sister’s, involving Van Nuys, Camarillo and LAX, which feature 22 times on Sweeney’s dedicated Instagram account to the reality star’s jet @kyliejennerjet.  

It’s been argued by Swift and others that they’re not always personally on the flights and loan it out to other people. 


Sweeney’s legion of followers have been quick to ridicule Kim and Kylie, especially for the short haul flights. 

The last trip Kim’s plane made from Camarillo to Van Nuys on January 29 outraged some, with one saying: “A f**king 17 minute flight. For f**k sake.”

Another pointed out: “Ridiculous. Can’t she drive?”

While a comment on yet another of Kim’s 35-mile LA leaps said: “f**king insane. She could drive there faster”.

Kylie also faces criticism such as for her plane’s one day trip to Bordeaux, with a follower quipping: “Kylie just loves pollution.”

Fans have also been sleuthing as to the reason for these flights. 


For example, Kim’s jet flew to France for Paris Fashion Week last month, going back to LA for just one day, and returning to the French capital.

This coincided with Jeff Bezos 60th birthday party in Beverly Hills with fans convinced she did the long back and forth just for this.

Sweeney is undeterred by the celeb criticism claiming he uses public information and it’s all legally above board. 

He posted on X: “There is a bit of misinformation circulating. I don’t use tracking data from the FAA [Federal Aviation Administration]. I use unencrypted signals broadcast straight from planes.”

Sweeney added that the Federal Communications Commission does not prohibit the collection of these signals.

A rep for Kim and Kylie did not respond to requests for comment.

Jack Sweeney has gained attention for tracking the flight data of the rich and famousCredit: Alamy
Taylor Swift’s lawyers have threatened to sue Sweeney for tracking the star’s jetCredit: Netflix

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