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A private jet costing around £11.7 million, raised eyebrows when it landed at Dublin Airport from Southend with the call sign ‘Mr Big’ and it has led to plenty of speculation as to who owns it

Dublin Airport(Tomasz Skoczen/Getty Images)

A multi-million pound private jet with the call sign ‘Mr Big’ has touched down in Dublin sparking plenty of curiosity.

The plane, an expensive Lear Jet costing about £11.7 million, caught attention as it flew to Dublin Airport from London Southend. And it appears as though the ‘Mr Big’ aircraft has been very active recently. The plane flew to Southend from Chambery on Thursday having arrived at the French airport on Monday.

And last Sunday it had flown to Chambery from Bristol. The curious call sign certainly perked people’s interest when it appeared on the Flightradar website. Social media was ablaze with chatter when flight enthusiasts started to speculate about the plane on their tracking apps.

One eagle-eyed watcher tweeted: “There is literally somebody flying into Dublin shortly on a Learjet from London whose call sign is ‘MRBIG’.” But those anticipating that an international man of mystery has been flying around the British Isles will be disappointed as the answer is a lot more down to earth with the plane appearing to be owned by a couple of businessmen.

Back in 2017, after sightings over Wales and Belfast, North Wales Live did some investigating, and found that Volantair LP Inc, based in the Isle of Man, owned the jet. According to companies records, Voluntair LP Inc’s last accounts filed with Companies House in Belfast, the ‘key management personnel’ are businessmen Patrick Heffron and Creighton Boyd.

They are the founders of the property development firm the Neptune Group, which is involved in major projects in the UK and Northern Ireland, reported DublinLive. People commented on the owners being super-wealthy but it may be a surprise to some people about the cost of travelling on a private jet and it is possible to go from London to Paris for just £248.

If you are looking to book a private jet the normal way, it will cost you around £60,000 to get from London to New York on a Global 6000 aircraft, according to LunaJets. Not only is that around double the average UK yearly income, it is terrible for the environment. Crossing the Atlantic in a private jet adds about 25 metric tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, or around 80 times more per passenger than an economy seat on a typical commercial flight. That’s six years of emissions from an average European household, in each direction . There is a way to enjoy the luxury of flying in a private jet that doesn’t cost the Earth quite so much, literally and figuratively. A possibility that is likely unfamiliar to most, is a one-way journey of a private jet post or pre-charter. Offered at heavily discounted rates (with the aircraft travelling this route anyway), it offers the opportunity to indulge in and experience the extravagance of private aviation but for a fraction of the cost.

Empty-leg flights are aircraft that are scheduled to fly without any passengers as a result of needing to reposition or return for a charter. Charter companies estimate that between 25%-50% of private jets fly empty. Because their owners are keen to maximise the amount of money they make, they sell the empty-leg flights for as much as 75% off the standard charter price.

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