The utilitarian turboprop has long been in the shadow of smaller business jets, seen largely as a poor cousin to the faster, glitzier jets. But there has been impressive development in the turboprop world, driven by a renaissance in new technology as well as lower carbon emissions and reduced operating costs compared to most business jets.

Turboprops also fit nicely into a niche between light airplanes and business jets, making more sense as regional commuters—especially into remote airfields—than many jets, thanks to lower operating costs, decent speed and range, and fuel efficiency. A number have the capability of landing on dirt, gravel, grass, water or even snow. Many private fliers are willing to take the lower altitude and noisier cabins as tradeoffs for the benefits.

But the truth is that turboprops have evolved to be competitive with many jets. While many serve humanitarian missions carrying freight or as air ambulances, airframers like Daher and Textron Aviation continue to add luxe features to their executive versions to deliver a more jet-like experience. As a regional business option, the turboprop remains a go-to favorite.

Here are our nine favorites.