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These days, with so much attention on social media, cabin crew working on private jets are increasingly posting photos and videos online. This might seem okay to some and perfectly acceptable, but is it? Are they unknowingly doing something wrong?


Private jets are called private jets for a reason. Most people who buy or charter a private jet are not only looking for luxury and comfort but also an enhanced level of privacy. A famous personality understandably would find regular airline travel difficult with attention from the press and the general public.

Three passengers inside the cabin of a Private jet.

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Therefore, private jets give them the privacy they need. Also, they might not want people to know about their every travel move for personal reasons. They may also feel uncomfortable being onboard with someone taking photos and videos.


Discretion is extremely important for those working on private jets. You do have to learn to read the clients. There are times when you need to know what the client wants before they know what they want, and exceed expectations. You have to know when it is also appropriate to be invisible.

A Cabin crew and pilot standing outside of a private jet parked on an airport apron.


Sometimes, you may be asked to stay in the galley and not disturb the client, so you would only enter the cabin for safety reasons. You may see and hear things that you should not on private jets because discretion and privacy are essential.


Confidentiality is paramount in the private jet world. Any operator with high-profile clients will ensure that trip details are discreet and kept confidential with the utmost respect. For example, an operator can have a very diverse clientele, from sports teams to famous rock bands, TV personalities, and royal family members. So, breaking the confidentiality agreement with the client would make them go to another operator. Most operators will ask the cabin crew and pilots to sign a confidentiality agreement as part of their contract.

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One of the most significant issues is that of security. Some business aviation cabin crew work with royal families and government officials, so they should be very aware of remaining confidential. They do not want to see a crew member taking photos and videos; it looks very unprofessional. Sometimes, when clients are very high profile, they do not want their movements known at all.

A flight attendant greets two passengers in front of a business jet on an airport apron.

Photo: Luxaviation | ANDREAS WEMHEUER

To the unscrupulous individual, a private jet can then be a target, especially if details are leaked on social media. Even having a photo next to the aircraft can lead someone to note the registration and track it. Security is a huge issue, and having confidentiality in place protects the clients and the crew.

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Most private jet cabin crew must sign a confidentiality agreement, so posting on social media could mean breaking their contract. They should also ask permission from the operator or owner of the jet before taking a photo/video or posting information. If there are passengers onboard, their consent must also be sought. After all, they have paid for privacy. Private jet cabin crew should be wary of posting on social media, not only because they may be breaking confidentiality agreements, but in some cases, adding an extra security risk to both passengers and crew.

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