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  • Pearl 10X engines reached an important milestone in their test program.
  • Falcon 10X is set to be certified around 2027 with new safety features.
  • It will be one of the largest cabins in private aviation history and is set to be fully customizable for clients.

The Falcon 10X is the latest generation of extra-widebodied private jets being developed by Dassault Aviation, a French OEM specializing in the manufacturing of private jets based in Bordeaux, an hour north of Toulouse in the south of the country.

Simple Flying has explored the 10X program several times during its development, but our last in-depth look was in December 2023; therefore, it is time to revisit the French luxury planemaker’s up-and-coming flagship jet.

All engines are go

The test program for the Pearl 10X, the engines slated to power the brand-new aircraft, began in March of this year. Fast-forward almost four months, and it was reported last week that the engines had reached their 10th flight. This is an important milestone on the way to certification.

Read more about the Pearl 10X’s progress

According to Rolls-Royce’s own website, the Pearl 10X is set to be the most powerful member of the Pearl engine family for the business aviation market. The third generation of this product lineup is designed solely for Dassault’s brand-new flagship aircraft, the Falcon 10X.

The engine was revealed at Paris Le Bourget airport on May 6th, 2021, where Dassault Falcon Service‘s prime FBO is located. The Pearl lineup of engines was co-designed with Dassault to bring optimized efficiency and technology into the aircraft propulsion system.


A Breakdown Of 5 Dassault Falcon Variants

These are some of the latest and greatest variants in the Falcon series.

All systems are going during EBACE 2024

In the exhibit hall, visitors could visit the Falcon 10X flight deck and cabin, which is reportedly 53 feet long. Following some delays that we reported previously, the jet is now due to be certified around 2027. According to Dassault, their Falcon 10X is set to become the largest purpose-built business jet in the industry.


The Dassault Falcon 10X: Everything You Need To Know

The new-generation jet is set to enter service at the end of 2025

New systems coming to the extra-large jet include several new safety features, including touchscreens, a unique single-lever Smart Throttle, and an automatic recovery mode. All are designed to reduce the impact of human error on flight safety.

The Falcon10X parked at an airport

Photo: Dassault

The manufacturer also provided updates from their final assembly line, where 10X structures and wings, but also fuselage and empennage sections are reported to have already been produced ahead of the first flight slated to take place in the next year.

Dassault remains optimistic that the final assembly will commence later this year in Bordeaux-Mérignac. According to AIN Online, Carlos Brana, Dassault’s executive VP of civil aircraft, reported said

“We have been testing the systems in the airplane for years now, accruing some 4,500 hours in areas such as the hydraulics, landing gear, and brakes.”

What can you expect from the new jet?

The Dassault Falcon 10X is set to have one of the largest cabins in private aviation history. For example, it is reported that the cabin will be some 80 inches in height, making it easier for owners and those who will eventually charter out the jet through operators to move around the cabin. This will be particularly appreciated as long-distance executive jets.

In terms of seating configuration, this French business jet will accommodate a typical layout of 19 passengers sitting in various mini-cabins throughout the fuselage. While the website does not indicate how many can sleep comfortably, we can safely assume that, like most of the jets in this category, the figure will be around 15.

The Falcon Website states that the 10X will be one of the few jets on the market that can be fully customized for the client. They can choose different cabin zone lengths and create more personalized interiors. For example, they can opt for an expanded dining/conference area or an entertainment area with a large-screen monitor. Alternatively, they could choose a private stateroom with an actual queen-size bed or a main suite with a private stand-up shower. This is ideal for government users who want to freshen up before or after an all-important state visit.

A feature that will be of great use to future government owners and high-ranking corporate individuals within multinational corporations is the aircraft’s range, with 7,500 NM of autonomy. In layperson terms, this represents 13–16 hours of flight time connecting city pairs like Paris to Singapore, Geneva to Perth, and Los Angeles to Dubai. When adding just one fuel stop, the world opens up to future 10X owners.

The cost of this brand-new flagship is set to be around $75M!

What other new-generation planes does Dassault have to offer?

If customers do not want a Falcon 10X, they have other choices to look for in Dassault’s modern lineup.

The latest flagship, still produced today, is the Dassault 6X. It was certified earlier this year and performed a visually stunning flying display at the Paris Airshow 2023. It can seat between 12 and 16 passengers depending on the chosen configuration, making it a super-midsize to sizeable private jet. Of these passengers, around 8 to 12 can sleep comfortably.

It boasts a range of 5,500 NM, making it ideal for direct flights ranging from 7 to 12 hours. It is designed for flights from Europe to the Middle East and most of North America.


EASA & The FAA Certify The Dassault Falcon 6X Private Jet

The certification comes after over two years of test flight campaigns.

The price tag for the Falcon 6X is $52M.

Finally, the other flagship in a similar category to the 10X is the Falcon 8X. It is a planespotter’s favorite as it is one of the only s-duct, three-engined jets remaining in the skies today—and it is modern and still produced today!

Of course, thanks to ETOPS, twin jets are perfectly reliable and safe to fly on and operate, but a trijet would give extra redundancy and, thus, peace of mind to owners and operators worldwide.

Seating-wise, it has the same capacity as the newer 6X but an enhanced range, bringing it up to 6,500NM. In just one tank, that’s around 13 hours of flight from London to Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, or Shanghai.

Coming in 2027

The Falcon 10X is the latest private jet developed by Dassault Aviation. The Pearl 10X engines slated to power the aircraft reached an important milestone in their test program. The plane is set to be certified around 2027 and will feature new safety features and advanced technology. It will have one of the largest cabins in private aviation history and the ability to be fully customized for the client. The cost of the flagship jet is expected to be around $75 million. Dassault also offers other modern planes, including the Dassault 6X, certified earlier this year and has a price tag of $52 million.

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