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Many brides-to-be choose to keep their wedding dress a mystery, opting to reserve the grand reveal for their big day. That’s why when one mother of the bride posted a photo of her daughter’s special gown on Instagram, she had a meltdown. The future bride’s sister happened to catch the moment on video while the two of them were on an airplane, and the clip has taken off on social media.

The footage starts with the bride-to-be sitting on the plane while talking to her mom on the phone. “Mom, are you f—— kidding me?” she shouts angrily. “Why did you post my wedding dress?” After looking over at her sister with an exasperated look, she demands to her mother, “Idiot, please remove that.” Her sister then urges her to keep her voice down. “You’re on a flight, you’re on a plane,” she reminds the bride-to-be before suggesting an easy solution: “Just tell her to delete that.”

After hanging up the phone with her mom, the bride crumbles, covering her face with her hands as she sheds a few tears. As her sister is recording the future bride and watching her emotional rollercoaster, she giggles quietly behind the camera. Once the bride-to-be catches her sister laughing, she also joins in, breaking out in a fit of laughter. 

A beat later, the sister acknowledges their mother’s mistake. “She posted it,” the sister says while giggling. After catching her breath from chuckling, the future bride responds, “I hate her. She’s so dumb.” The video ends with the bride-to-be laughing so hard she can’t get her words out. “Don’t show me,” she guffaws, presumably referring to the video her sister is taking. 

When Refined Society reposted the video on April 11, 2024, it accumulated nearly 2,000 comments. Many people commiserated with the bride-to-be by sharing similar tales. “My mom posted about my engagement 4 days before I got proposed to,” someone wrote. “I got several phone calls congratulating me on my future marriage. I know how you feel.” A bridal gown designer jumped to the bride’s defense, writing, “As a wedding dress designer, this is a huge bozo no no!!! Just don’t do it it’s not your dress to post!”

While many individuals in the comments section validated the bride’s feelings, others sided with her mother. A lot of the Instagram users were appalled at how the bride talked to her mom. “She called her mom ‘an idiot’!!!!!” one person exclaimed. Others concluded that the bride-to-be’s response was unjustified given the matter. “The best part is she’s completely worked up about something NOBODY gives a s— about,” someone commented.

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