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“WIBTA if I [21F] pulled a prank on my soon to be Husband [21M] on our wedding day?”


Alrighty, few things to get out of the way. My fiance and I are as stated with him being [21M] and I being [21F] yes I am aware we are very young but that’s not why I’m here today. We’ve talked about couples counseling and will be getting married April 20th of this year (50 days and counting woopp!)

So me and my Fiance are Austin Powers fans, movies are some of our go to when we’re looking for a good laugh. I’m a bit more of a fan as I listen to the soundtracks somewhat frequently while I’m cleaning or drawing.

Some of you may be aware of the franchise, some not. So our song we’ve chosen for our first dance is Just the Two of Us. The song means alot to us and is perfect for our first dance.

If you’re as well in tuned with the Austin Powers soundtrack as I am you know of the Dr. Evil mix-tape version of the song. Now I’ve made jokes about switching out our first song with that version and he said he doesn’t want it as our first dance but said it would be funny, just not for the first.

I was speaking to his mother on our way back from my last alteration appointment for my Wedding dress and she asked about the first dance and if we picked a song. I told her yes, and what we had decided.

I told her about the jokes I had made to him about switching it out when the idea came to me so I asked her, “Hey MIL (not using her real name), what if. And hear me out. I played a small prank on Fiance (again name) during our first dance?”

She looked over at me and raised an eyebrow and asked what I had in mind. I then proceeded to explain my though of conspiring with his best man about either starting our first song until Evil goes, “yeahh.”

Just long enough for him to realize and then go whoops and play the right one or mashing the songs together so it’s at a random point in time. She said she thought he’d find it funny and I asked his friend last night and the friend agreed.

INSERT: I am not talking about the whole song. Just 5-7 maybe 8 seconds of it. Just enough to catch him but not enough to ruin the moment. However I know this sort of thing can be considered rude and nasty.

We prank each other all the time and enjoy it, however as a chronic overthinker I wanted to get unbiased opinions. So what do you think? Would I be an ass to prank my soon to be Husband on our wedding day?

Edit: Holy moley I did not expect to get freaking ripped apart but thanks for that. I won’t be considering it anymore and thought it would be in harmless fun as everyone in our lives figured he’d get a good laugh from it. Thanks again for making me realize how dumb this could’ve been and not something to laugh about later.

Okay I understand not everyone believes this and thats fine you don’t have to! Why? Because I know the truth. Why was the update quick after the determine? Simple, it’s lunchtime. He came home and I told him what’s in the update. You don’t have to believe it, he’ll you ain’t gotta interact.

UPDATE! He came home from lunch and I explained to him what I and his close friends and family were planning on doing, told him about my histation and showed him my post.

I was right, he said its the perfect addition to our day and said he doesn’t understand why people are so negative about a small not even 10 second clip in of a song he said would be funny. He asked if I would still do it as it would be something fun to tell future relatives or people asking about the wedding.

Thanks for those who saw the this would actually be nice side and to those of you who told me I was an A$$h0l3. If you all hadn’t absolutely butchered me in the comments I probably would’ve just not done nor said anything about it.

There will be those who think this is false and okay go off if thats you’re cup of tea. I will be sitting at home with my cats awaiting my fiance to come home from work since today I’m off sick.

Here were the top rated comments from readers:


YWBTA. Unless you know 1,000% he’d laugh it off, do NOT do it. Period. And you already said when you brought up the idea, he said it would NOT be funny to him for the first dance. He TOLD you.

So not only do you not know 1,000% that he’d laugh it off, he blatantly told you he wouldn’t find it funny for the first dance. Because of that alone if you proceed you are a MAJOR AH. YTA honestly because you already KNOW he doesn’t want this to happen. You better listen.


“Now I’ve made jokes about switching out our first song with that version and he said he doesn’t want it as our first dance but said it would be funny, just not for the first.”

He made things crystal clear. YWBTA if you do this.


YWBTA. He already said he didn’t want it during his first dance. Just do it later or something. Maybe it’d be something funny to do during an anniversary. I know you asked other people in his life what they think, but your soon to be husband already told you what he wants. Go with what he’s said, not what everyone else said.


If you do that, YTA. Also…you’re already getting couples counseling at 21 and married? That seems like an odd combination. Why the rush? Go through the counseling and, if things are still good or you guys find that you’re not just compatible, don’t get married.


What part of “HE SAID HE DOESN’T WANT IT AS OUR FIRST DANCE” don’t you understand?He has expressed his feeling very clearly to you and your first act as his wife is to completely ignore his very clearly stated feelings & wants because you think you know what’s best for him more than he does???

Look even if you are right in the end & he ends up loving it, it’s a huge chance you are taking because there’s just as big a chance he’ll just see it as you disrespecting and ignoring something important to him.

Is this the tone you want to start the first moments of your marriage with??? This isn’t something you can take back or do over. This may forever mar the memory of your wedding in his mind. The song might seem like a small thing but the disrespected & dismissed feelings he has aren’t small.


YWBTA. This is never the time to be playing pranks. Never ever ever.

So, what do you think? Is the OP in the wrong here? What advice would you give them?

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