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Would you say more couples are embracing their roots and incorporating tradition into their wedding ceremonies?
I’d say it’s very ‘in’ now to celebrate your Asian roots—and we love that. Upholding these traditions has so much meaning and they connect the families; the elders appreciate it and the younger ones get to see and understand how weddings in Asia can be different. We’ve always been strong advocates of this and we try to honour these customs in a tasteful way, customising them to each family’s traditions. 

What better time to start new traditions than when you’re starting your own family? Creating that emotional depth could be something as simple as a family emblem or crest, it could also be buying heirlooms such as jewellery or an embroidered traditional Chinese outfit sewn with gold thread. I don’t think a lot of people know how to do this now, so that’s something we’re happy to help younger couples with. It’s about more than just money; it’s about creating something [their] children and grandchildren can hold on to.

You have done a few “pre-opening” weddings, where the couple and their guests can enjoy a world-class experience at hotels before they officially opened. What’s involved in planning a “pre-opening” wedding?
Planning a “pre-opening” wedding at a hotel before its official opening can be exciting. While the process varies depending on the hotel and its policies, the key is to maintain a close collaboration with the hotel’s events team, and having the flexibility and willingness to embrace the experience’s unique nature.

The most challenging part lies in the inherent uncertainties and potential logistical hurdles that come with hosting an event at a venue that’s not yet fully operational. In this situation, our role as wedding organisers extends beyond the usual responsibilities. We find ourselves taking on multiple roles, such as that of the head concierge, head server and more.

We go the extra mile by training receptionists to ensure they are well prepared for our wedding guests, who will be the first to check in. We conduct rehearsals with the food servers, fine-tuning their skills to deliver exceptional service. We even help screen and select hotel staff to ensure they are fully prepared for the grand reveal.

The goal is to navigate together the challenges of organising a wedding in a venue that is still in its pre-opening phase, ensuring that every aspect of the event runs smoothly and exceeds the expectations of the couple and their guests.

What hotels have you done a “pre-opening” with? 
We have done pre-openings with hotels around the world, as our clients are always eager to be the first to put up a show at a brand-new venue. Some of the more memorable ones include Como Maalifushi in Maldives, InterContinental Danang Resort in Vietnam and Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Bali

These properties that are still [the] talk of the town, even when I return to visit years later.

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