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For the first time on E4’s Married At First Sight Australia, a wedding didn’t happen but not because the groom didn’t want to go through with it.

On Tuesday 27 February episode, everyone was shocked when a wedding was stopped right at the altar. Lucinda Light from Byron Bay was all set to marry Tim Smith in one of the first weddings of the new series. But things didn’t go as planned for Lucinda and Tim.

They saw each other for the first time when Lucinda walked down the aisle at their outdoor wedding but Tim wasn’t sure they were right for each other. Speaking to the camera, Tim said: “She is a great-looking girl, she had a great smile and a great-looking dress. I am getting the sense that she is a spiritual energy type of person which is very different.”

Lucinda and Tim’s was the very first MAFS wedding to be halted by bad weather in Australia

Tim started to feel nervous but he didn’t have time to worry as because as they were about to say their vows, a storm started. Tim remarked: “I was waiting for something to fall out the sky and hit me, it was like all my prayers had been answered. The first couple of drops I thought we could last this out, then when it just started belting with rain – everybody went nuts.”

There was chaos at Lucinda and Tim’s wedding when unexpected weather forced guests to flee for cover. One guest was heard exclaiming: “That better not be an omen,” as they fled, while another jested to a pregnant woman: “She is going to have her baby!”

Tim shared: “Maybe it was the big fella up there just saying ‘Hey take five’, which I really appreciated.”

The guests were forced to flee as the bad weather hit the day out of nowhere

It marked the first time a Married At First Sight ceremony was disrupted mid-way through as the guests sought refuge in a gazebo until the storm subsided. Lucinda shrugged off the wild weather, saying: “I think it is better, all the elements came out – the rain and the wind. Apparently, it is good luck and I am rolling with that.”

Fortuitously, the sun emerged once more, allowing the couple to carry on. Reflecting on the unusual day, Tim said: “Nothing about this day has been normal but you can see that she has just got a great heart,” and the pair happily proceeded to exchange their vows.

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