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Well, it doesn’t help when you have an in-law who wants to overstep boundaries and doesn’t know their place in the wedding planning. This redditor shared their situation in the r/JUSTNOMIL subreddit, and my jaw is on the floor after reading their story.

“My MIL is the type of person who loves attention, whether bad or good, and cannot stand when someone else has the spotlight. Factor that into the fact I was the BRIDE on my wedding day; who would have thought eyes might be on my partner and me? (Cue sarcasm).

Leading up to this past weekend, my MIL wanted to wear a very light beige/white lace dress to the wedding — which my husband vetoed. That was a HUGE deal — saying she didn’t want to come to our wedding and that I was ‘not making a good start to an in-law relationship,’ mind you, I’ve been with her son for eight years, so our relationship has already begun. She also said my husband should not marry me, lol,” the OP wrote.

Note: Some of this submission has been edited for length and/or clarity.

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