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A woman has shared her devastation as her family are cruelly pushing her out of her brother’s wedding day – she doesn’t know how to break the news to her sibling

A woman is furious after her relationship continues to be unsupported by her family after four years(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A woman has dropped out of her brother’s wedding day after hearing her parents would be “visibly upset” if she attended with her girlfriend of four years.

Deciding a wedding guest list is never easy and it can often cause riot between friends, family members, and any potential plus ones. But as the sister of the groom, you would expect yourself and your long-term partner to be top of the list.

However, one woman anonymously explained how her homophobic parents do not want her to bring her girlfriend to her brother’s wedding – they will be “visibly upset” if she does. “My brother would rather appease them than support me,” explained the upset woman.

Now, the 35-year-old, who says her brother and her parents are “deeply” religious”, is refusing to turn up to the wedding at all following a lack of support from her family.

She took to Reddit to anonymously share: “I have been anxious about this situation for years and now I am finally facing it. I am tired of overextending myself for everyone else’s comfort. I don’t feel my presence is truly wanted there.”

She added: “My brother would rather appease them [the parents] than support me, his sister. He has met my girlfriend several times, but has also told me his religious beliefs don’t support our relationship.” The annoyed sibling also added that she believes her sister-in-law does not support her relationship.

The woman explained that during her whole relationship with her girlfriend, with whom she lives with, her parents “haven’t even asked” for the name of her partner. They also have not spoken to her about their wedding concerns.

She explained: “The wedding is in six months and I have not told him [the groom]. I am emotionally drained and no longer feel like pushing for a conversation but am also anxious that it is looming and preparations are being made with no full understanding.”

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