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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that when it comes to wedding etiquette,  you should never outshine the bride. 

But some people seem to have difficulty navigating where the line is between looking good and stealing the show. 

One woman recently outed herself as one such person, after she showed up to her sister’s wedding in a sheer form-fitting dress with a thigh-high split. 

Safe to say the bride wasn’t pleased about it.

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The see-through outfit was “better” than the bride’s dress

The anonymous 28-year-old woman took to a ‘wedding shaming’ forum looking for support, saying she had received approval from the bride the day before for her bold dress choice. 

However, upon seeing the outfit in person on the actual day, she quickly changed her mind.

“I was showing her the dress I was gonna wear to the wedding the day before and she said it was gorgeous,” the woman said. 

She then shared a photo of her in the dress, which appears to be the $130 ‘Salimdy Sequin Evening Dress’ from Amazon. It features a thigh-high slit, spaghetti straps, a corset bust and a sheer bodice.

“See-through mesh makes it more sexy,” the product description reads. “Thigh-high slit shows long legs, slim fit design to show your sexy curves.”

The brand also says it’s ideal as a “club outfit” and is designed to “get you compliments.”

But the woman received the complete opposite reaction when she arrived at the wedding in the racy outfit. 

“My sister was a little stunned and came up to me saying something in the lines of, ‘Oh wow, I didn’t know you were actually gonna wear it’,” she said, adding that her sister worried it was a “better dress” than hers.

“She then just laughed but I could see by her face that she had a problem with it. All throughout the wedding, I saw her giving me these strange looks. And once I saw her talking to some people and then they all just stared at me and gave me a nasty look.”

The woman concluded her post, saying, “She hasn’t really been the same to me ever since. I honestly don’t think I did anything wrong and think she was overreacting especially since she literally approved of the dress so I don’t know why she changed her mind so fast.”

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“Main character syndrome”

Despite the woman’s justification, the court of public opinion still ruled that she should never have chosen it in the first place. 

One said: “Seems like a ‘main character syndrome dress’ to me.”

Another added, “I doubt the issue was it being a ‘better dress’ and more about it being see-through.”

Others agreed it was far too risqué for a wedding: “It would look amazing for a New Year’s party. Not a family event,” someone wrote.

Then others suggested possible theories about why the dress got the green light the day before. 

“Your sister probably had a lot more to think about than your dress, to be honest. She might not have looked really closely,” one wrote.

Another replied: “I bet you just showed her the dress while it was on the hanger and never actually showed it to her on. Many dresses with sheer bodices and/or slits can look much more “modest” hung up.”

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