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The yachting industry is a very cutthroat one, and to make it here, you really have to be coming in with something special. Well, Bluegame is extremely special, and their BG74 is here to tell us why. Time to taste a different slice of the yacht cake.

Folks, the name Bluegame is rather new in the yachting world, having only been around since 2004. in comparison with crews with decades to even hundreds of years of presence in this industry, it kind of makes them a new kid on the block. However, from the moment the first came to light, Bluegame gave the world something to talk about.

The way they achieved this was by bringing a different take on the traditional yachting lifestyle we had grown so fond of. To understand what I mean, I’ve chosen to bring to light the BG74, one of their flagships and also one of the largest of the BG lineup.

As for why this lineup is so special, well, I invite you to explore the image gallery, and as you do, be sure to compare this craft to others you may have seen on our pages. But, the most signature trait is the way each main deck unravels with nearly endless outdoor areas and spaces designed to have you feeling like you’re on vacation from the moment you wake up, every dang day!


Photo: Bluegame

Now, Bluegame likes to say that this craft is imbued with “crossover soul,” and by the looks of things, I couldn’t agree more. For example, the images may make it difficult to realize just how large this ship is – 74 feet (22.5 m) long – I initially felt as though I was looking at nothing but a tender. Sure, but one very beefed-up day boat, with the ability to accommodate up to 16 people, eight of which, overnight.

What gave off this feeling of a tender was the large open rear and free passage to anywhere else on the main deck, with the only structure obstructing any of the view being the wheelhouse. It’s airy, open, luxurious, sun-filled, and decked out with everything you need to break away from the rest of the pack for days at a time.

As for how a day in the life aboard this wonder would unfurl, I invite you to place yourself in the center of this ship’s two-deck action. Let’s start at the bow, soaking up some sun on that large forward-facing pad with a glass of bubbly in hand.

Once you’re crispy enough, let’s head toward the rear of the main deck and take a seat under that bimini. Funny enough, some of the crew is actually grabbing some rays from atop this structure, accessible by a ladder. If you need to run from the sun even further, the lower deck is the place for you.


Photo: Bluegame

Don’t forget to say hello to the friends and family hanging out on that gorgeous, expansive, and very private aft deck or beach club. This has to be one of my favorite features on this vessel, but I can’t keep you here all day telling you all about the fun you can have here; let your imagination run loose and enjoy the spectacle.

Now, whenever you spend over $4.5M on one of the most standard 74s around, you’ll get the option to choose the lower deck layout, whether it’s designed for entertaining, with a gorgeous lounge at the entrance and a few beds scattered throughout the rest of the deck, or one aimed at accommodating those eight guests I mentioned, overnight, of course.

Pick your favorite and visualize yourself hanging out with the family or friends in that large lounge by the entrance to the lower quarters. Leave the large rear door open, spark up a cigar, and with a cognac in hand, teach the rest of the gang how to make over $4M to be able to get their own BG74.


Photo: Bluegame

As for part of the magic we see, no matter the layout, we have none other than Zuccon International Project to thank, a crew with experience dating back to 1978. Not only is the interior influenced by this multi-faceted architecture firm, but so is the exterior, which brings me to my next and final point.

The BG74 is one of those ships that has swept up award after award, including the Best Custom Yachts at the 2022 Motor Boat Awards and several others. It may be because Bluegame is now part of Sanlorenzo, a yachting group with experience dating back even further than Zuccon, 1958, to be precise.

All that’s left to do at this stage is keep daydreaming of a life lived aboard one of these magnificent creatures, or you can go out there, put aside all the mental barriers we’ve put up regarding making money and success, and get your very own BG74. I’m telling you, it can be done, and in this lifetime!

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