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Oceanco has a well-earned reputation for building some of the largest and most recognizable superyachts in the world. But as I’ve learned during visits to their main shipyard in The Netherlands, and at various boat shows around the world, the Oceanco team is always looking for innovative new ways to design and build their special breed of superyachts.

So, I was intrigued when I saw Oceanco had launched its Simply Custom program that’s specifically designed to streamline the process of designing and building an 80-meter (262ft) yacht. Since 80 meters is the “sweet spot” for lots of new superyachts in build these days, I was hardly surprised to see their innovative new program focus on the 80-meter range.

But what did surprise me was just how “holistic” the Simply Custom program is because they’re introducing way more than just another new superyacht design. They’ve also partnered with Lateral Naval Architects and numerous other firms to design a state-of-the-art technical platform that’s ready to build today, while also being flexible enough to upgrade and modify as new breakthroughs in propulsion and other key areas come on line in the future

“We created Simply Custom because we saw there was a growing demand to build custom yachts in a new way. Owners still want the very best quality in their yachts, and to have something designed and built just for them. But many have less desire to focus on every detail in the process. They expect to entrust technical matters to experts like Oceanco and our partners. And, perhaps most importantly, they want building a yacht to be simple and fun,” explains Oceanco’s Group Marketing Director, Paris Baloumis.

But I have to be honest, Oceanco’s ability to have all of the world’s best yacht designers submit their vison for what the ultimate 80-meter superyacht might be the coolest thing of all. Here are just a few designs from Oceanco’s ultimate superyacht wish list!

Espen Øino International

Espen Øino explains the thinking behind his firm’s submission they call Clarity. “When asked to participate in designing a yacht for Oceanco’s Simply Custom Collection, my team and I were inspired by one word: SIMPLE! What does simple mean? To solve a problem in an efficient, elegant, and smart way.

“Inspired by this definition, we went off to solve some challenges in a simple yet smart way. The yacht features very large overhangs in the superstructure to provide shade and to reduce the heat gain inside the vessel on the decks below. The excess surfaces above we used for photovoltaic cells.

“The main deck lounge is designed as a large winter garden, which can be opened to make use of the wind as natural ventilation. The overall objective being to reduce the onboard energy consumption and increase the renewable part of the onboard energy production. The extensive use of large shaded exterior spaces reflects our vision of enjoying life at sea and the outdoors.”

Nuvolari Lenard

Domino pays homage to the decades of experience that Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard have gathered along their award-winning careers at Nuvolari Lenard in Venice. An elegant simplicity is displayed the sweeping bow all the way to the graceful aft staircases that flank the swimming pool on the main deck. The curvaceous decks and glass bulwarks also give Domino a distinctive look.

“We believe Domino represents the state of the art, in terms of beauty and functionality,” says Dan Lenard. “While also offering an owner a starting point from which to create a yacht that is perfectly suited to an owner.”


Timur Bozca describes his design like this. “An embodiment of two worlds merging, Aurai is named after ‘nymphs of breezes’ in Greek mythology. Its exceptional exterior is influenced by the lines of a swordfish – an expression of strength – that is softened by the fluidity of natural forms, evoking a balance between power and grace.

“At every step, our focus has been on creating an experience that transcends the ordinary. Aurai doesn’t just navigate the waves, it dances with them; offering a symphony of luxury, innovation and connection to the sea.

“The visionary hull is divided into two halves, not only adding an element of intrigue but also elevating performance. The superstructure is elegantly sleek, marrying seamlessly with the hull for a harmonious and striking profile. Moving inward, the beach club serves as a testament to our commitment to immersive experiences. Every detail, from sand-like stairs to miniature gardens, captures the essence of a coastal haven. Dynamic structural elements pay homage to the ever-changing contours of the shoreline, inviting a sense of movement even when anchored.”

Winch Design

“Our duty as a designer is to bring purpose, inspiration and innovation in our solutions to clients’ dreams,” says Jim Dixon of Winch Design. “Gazing from our Thames-side studio, we see the beauty of a ‘slipper’ launch and the nature of the pebbled water’s edge, which came together as Reverie.

“Simple references form lasting impressions and strong, pure concepts; this is the Winch approach.”

Hot Lab

Superleggera 80, is the aptly named design from Italian design studio Hot Lab because its sexy and elegant lines are reminiscent of a 1960s automobile. While the architectural elements of glass, natural light and space provide a perfect connection between the interior and exterior of the yacht.

“At Hot Lab, we understand that today’s clients place higher value on how a space connects them to such deeper emotions, rather than simply serving a practical function,” says Antonio Romano.“ This is seen in the colossal 5m height of the Superleggera 80’s main deck atrium and the clean, sweeping lines of the yacht’s aft as the floor flows past the infinity-effect pool and glazed bulwark to the swim platform beneath in one uninterrupted curve.”

“Custom building is a core part of our DNA,” says Oceanco CEO Marcel Onkenhout. “We will always create yachts that are uniquely tailored to each owner. And we see Simply Custom as a logical development for Oceanco, sitting alongside our fully custom yachts and Life Cycle Support refit service, which will always be a part of our offering. The feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive, and we have experienced a definite appetite for this new way of buying an Oceanco in an approachable, fun and streamlined way,”

Click here for lots more Simply Custom 80-meter yacht designs to drool over.

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