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Square Enix’s monster-taming game Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince lets you take on the role of Psaro. Building a Monster army powerful enough to unseat his father, the current Monster King, is Psaro’s main objective and therefore yours to accomplish. You must battle opponents throughout Nadiria’s territories to make sure your party is strong enough.


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The major function of accessories, which are single Monster assignable equipment, is to increase resistance and stats. You can get them by many different methods, such as killing monsters or battling in arenas. However, the stronger ones are harder to find. Here are the best accessories in Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince and where to find them.

10 Ancient Ankh

image of the graven idol which is a green doll looking figure

  • Max MP+30,
  • MP Cost Reduction
  • Bonus: Max MP+10

The Ancient Ankh increases your monster’s maximum MP by 40, which is useful as you can use more of your abilities/moves without it running out, but it also reduces MP consumption by three-quarters. During long battles and fighting in arenas, the Ancient Ankh can change the game in your favour as you will be able to far outlast your opponent with your increased moves.

The Ancient Ankh can either be dropped by the Graven Idol, or obtained through synthesizing accessories in Monty’s Store in Rosehill.

9 Trainee’s Badge

View of an arena with a sandy floor

  • Increases the amount of experience gained.

While fighting high-level, powerful monsters is a brilliant way to level up and gain experience, the Trainee’s Badge makes this even more effective by giving 30 percent bonus experience from every battle. If you want to level up your monsters fast to progress in the game, then this badge is a must-have.

You can only get the Trainee’s Badge once and, even though you can change which dragon has it, it’s important to make sure you’re using the right dragon while gaining experience.

The Trainee’s Badge is a reward for winning the Exa Arena rank B Rank. Even though you will defeat this arena late in the game, obtaining this badge will make things much easier when progressing to the A and S rank arenas.

8 Scavenger’s Badge

arena with a sandy floor

Scavenger is a Trait that can be given to a Monster by equipping an accessory with the Scavenger effect. Having the Scavenger badge increases the likelihood that you will get more items from battles or better quality items; this will aid you in getting other accessories, medicines and other items you might need to progress.


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You can get the Scavenger’s Badge as a reward by battling the Endor Arena Rank B. Even though defeating the Rank B arena will be late in the game, in future battles you will need more accessories and medicinal items, so this badge will help you get those.

7 Argon Ring

grey haired man in a field

  • Attack+30,
  • Agility+40,
  • Max HP+30
  • Bonus: Attack+7, Agility+7

The Argon ring provides your monster with plus 30 attack, agility and max HP buffs along with a bonus plus seven attack and plus seven agility – this is a powerful accessory to give to any monster. If you’re wanting a strong monster who can eat damage from your opponents and hit them back even harder, then giving them the Argon ring makes a huge difference.

The Argon Ring can be dropped by the Dragon Rider or randomly obtained through synthesizing accessories in Monty’s Store in Rosehill.

6 Mighty Amulet

Purple coloured troll in front of a frozen waterfall

  • Attack+100
  • Bonus: Attack+10

The Mighty Amulet lives up to its name, boasting a huge plus 100 attack and a bonus plus 10 attack too. If one of your monsters has brilliant stats other than attack and would be a great help in every other way, then the Mighty Amulet is the missing piece that the monster needs. Equipping this accessory to your monster can turn a middle-of-the-range monster into a force to be reckoned with.


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The Mighty Amulet can be dropped by the Stout troll or randomly obtained through synthesizing accessories in Monty’s Store in Rosehill.

5 Meteorite Bracer

picture of a fiery horse

  • Agility+100
  • Bonus: Agility+10

If you’re finding that one of your favourite monsters is falling short in the agility department, then the Meteorite Bracer is the perfect accessory for them. The agility stat defines who gets to attack first, and if you have a super-powerful monster that advantage could one-shot your opponent. Also, if your monster has less than average health, adding an extra 110 agility will help make sure your monster gets to attack first – preventing a first round death and prolonging their time in the battle.

Synthesizing accessories will only be unlocked after clearing the Middle Echelon of the Circle of Caprice.

The Meteorite Bracer can be dropped by a Tantamount or randomly obtained through synthesizing accessories in Monty’s Store in Rosehill.

4 Sock-It Locket

what looks like a little green man wearing a cloak

  • Wisdom+100
  • Bonus: Wisdom+10

The wisdom stat is used to calculate how resistant a monster is to spells and the efficiency of the spells they cast. If your monster has a low wisdom stat then the extra 110 you will get from equipping the Sock-it Locket will surely make it easier to handle high-levelled monsters and opponents. If you decide to instead equip it to a monster that already has a high wisdom stat, then you will create a force to be reckoned with.


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The Sock-it Locket can be randomly obtained by synthesizing accessories in Monty’s Store in Rosehill or dropped by a Hocus-Poker.

3 Witch’s Brooch

orange muscled ogre wearing gloves

  • Max MP+10
  • MP Cost Reduction
  • Bonus: Max MP+10

The Witch’s Brooch is a great and easy-to-find alternative for increasing max MP. Compared to the Ancient Ankh it does have half the bonus MP, however instead of finding it through random chance it can be dropped from Togres in the Cradle of Corruption. This means you can get it sooner than the Ancient Ankh, and it can be just as useful.

You can also get it​​ by synthesizing accessories in Monty’s Store like many other accessories, but a much easier and usually quicker method is getting it from Togres.

2 Care Ring

red jelly fish looking creature

  • Max HP+30
  • Defence+30
  • Auto-Restora
  • Bonus: Max HP+10

The Care Ring having the auto-restora effect is incredibly useful because it will recover the health of the monster it is equipped to regularly. Whether you are out looking for monsters or battling in arenas, your monster having the capability to heal itself will be a huge weight off of your shoulders – and use less of your resources. On top of the auto-restora effect, it also increases your monster’s max hp by 40 and defence by 30, overall making your monster easier to keep alive.

The Care Ring can be dropped by a Cureslime and also be randomly obtained by synthesizing accessories in Monty’s Store in Rosehill.

1 Raging Ruby

a creature that looks like a white bear

  • Attack+60
  • Bonus: Attack+10

The Raging Ruby can be equipped to boost a Monster’s Attack stat. You can use a Raging Ruby to increase the power of one of your already strong monsters or you can turn a weaker, lower levelled monster into another of your strong ones.

Raging rubies may be obtained in a variety of methods, including buying them from stores, but they can also be found in combat. Near the Dun Maulin bridge, you might find the Raging Ruby in a cave; there will be a group of sleeping Ursa Major there in the spring, and they could drop a Raging Ruby.

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