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Wherever you stand on the revolving door of super-fast, super-expensive electric performance cars, the 760hp, 202mph Maserati GranTurismo Folgore makes for an intriguing prospect – not least because it sees its maker attempt to go from zero to EV hero in one fell swoop. Now, to much fanfare, there is a soft-top version, the four-seat GranCabrio, and Maserati has barely lifted its foot from the floor: the Folgore is not only the first 100 per cent electric convertible in its segment, it’s said to be the fastest electric convertible period. 

Sure, it hasn’t got a terrific number of rivals to lord its migrated 760hp output over – but with 0-62mph claimed to be over and done with in 2.8 seconds (and 0-124mph taking just 9.1 seconds) there seems little question that you’re looking at one of the outright quickest convertibles yet made. Maserati says it’ll hit 180mph, despite being nearly 5 meters long and nearly 2 metres wide and tipping the scales at an ‘homologated’ 2,340kg. 

Many of those numbers are only marginally different to the GranTurismo, which is to be expected when the newcomer features the same tri-motor setup that is capable of discharging 996lb ft of torque to its staggered (21-inch rear, 20-inch front) wheels whenever the mood takes you. Maserati says the modest 80kg difference between hard-top and convertible can be attributed to a clean sheet design that makes significant use of high-strength steel and magnesium in a platform that’s 65 per cent aluminium. 

Of course, a substantial part of the GranCabrio’s bulk can be attributed to the 92.5kWh battery (83kWh of which is usable) that Maserati reckons is good for up to 278 miles of WLTP range. With an 800v system architecture, the battery will accept fast charging up to 270 kW, which means you might get 62 miles of range back in five minutes if you were plugged into a suitably chunky socket. At a more reasonable 50 kW, you should see 15 miles in the same timeframe. 

Such considerations are likely to be important to GranCabrio buyers because Maserati expects them to frequently have passengers. Not only is the car intended to be suitable for long distances, but its maker says it has equipped it with ‘four real seats’ and, thanks to the reduced packaging requirements of the soft-top, sufficient space for all their luggage, too. Maserati promises ‘exceptional acoustic and thermal comfort’ as well (yes, there are neck warmers) and if that isn’t enough, the rag top needs just 14 seconds to do its thing at speeds of up to 30mph. 

When the car isn’t full of passengers and their clutter, it promises to be just as, erm, action-packed, as the GranTurismo. Not only can it be driven in both AWD and RWD configurations, but with no transmission connecting the front and rear axles and each motor controlled independently by Maserati’s control module anyway, it promises to be capable of discharging ‘up to 400hp on a single rear wheel’ should the situation demand it. Which ought to keep you amused when not grand touring between chargers. There’s much else besides – but not, for now, an asking price. Although with the GranTurismo Folgore already knocking on the door of £180k, it’s probably safe to assume that it will start with a 2 when it arrives in the UK later this year. 

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