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5. Upgrade your home healthcare with Withings’ BeamO “smart” thermometer

11 of the greatest gadgets we've seen at CES 2024

CES 2024 BeamO.

Another CES 2024 honoree, digital health company Withings, introduced the BeamO “multiscope,” a device that can conduct four health checks in under a minute. The BeamO combines the features of a thermometer, electrocardiogram, oximeter, and stethoscope in a single, at-home device.

This means the multiscope can do more than a fitness watch and outperform other single-purpose devices. The goal is to enable people to perform more tests at home and communicate with doctors via remote calls to improve the efficiency of telemedicine.

According to Withings, the temperature is usually the only health check people perform regularly at home. However, the company hopes that their new product, BeamO, will become the thermometer of the future, providing information about heart and lung health and temperature, and be used in every household.

6. Samsung’s microLED TV is transparent

One of the most interesting offerings at this year’s CES is the transparent LG Signature OLED. The LG device is intended to be used as a tool for living space curation rather than just a TV.

The LG OLED TV has a rollable opaque film, known as a “contrast screen,” which can provide a conventional OLED TV experience. When the contrast screen is retracted, the LG OLED TV becomes fully transparent. Additionally, LG has included a widget section of the display called the T-Bar, which can provide news, weather updates, and more.

The device is powered by LG’s Alpha 11 AI processor, four times faster than its previous version.

7. Is Samsung’s Ballie the only home robot you’ll ever need?

While not technically unveiled at the main CES 2024 event, one of the highlights from the show this year is Samsung’s updated AI-butler robot called Ballie. First unveiled at CES 2020, the updated Ballie has a set of new features, including the ability to handle phone calls and watch and feed your pets.

Ballie is a smart home companion that, Samsung claims, can welcome users with weather updates and daily schedules while managing household tasks. Ballie can also connect to and manage home appliances, making it a helpful assistant in many situations.

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