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Skiing lessons, while important, are expensive. So, after the initial few sessions, many skiers begin practicing on their own. But if you want to continue working on your form and technique, Carv Digital Ski Coach could be the answer.

Carv is a sensor-based insert that you attach to the liner of your ski boots. The sensors measure your pressure and motion continuously while you’re skiing. This data is analyzed, and you’re essentially given a detailed summary of each ski run through the Carv app. You can even get personalized, real-time, audio-based coaching as long as you’re wearing compatible headphones.

While it may seem like these are essential features for a beginner, Carv’s advanced analysis can be helpful for intermediate and pro skiers as well. The best part about Carv’s inserts is that they’re designed to fit pretty much any boot. They’re also ultra-slim, so they won’t add extra volume to your boot.

One Carv insert costs $199 — this is a one-time charge. Apart from this, you’ll need to pay for the membership. A six-day pass costs $99 per year, while an unlimited pass costs $199. On the face of it, this may seem overpriced, but keep in mind that private ski lessons are a lot more expensive. 

This perspective is reinforced by Forbes’ largely positive review that concluded, “Carv is the undisputed champion of virtual ski coaching.” 

You can purchase the inserts and the membership through Carv’s website before your upcoming ski trip.

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