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There is no timetable for when viewers will eventually be introduced to yet another Batman in James Gunn’s DCU. That said, it is known that this Batman will get his own solo movie, The Brave and the Bold, based on the comic of the same name. A new story also allows for new opportunities for Batman to be explored in various ways.

One thing that fans always enjoy seeing with each new Batman is Batman’s wide array of gadgets. Batman is famously ready for anything while he is out fighting crime in Gotham City, which has him utilizing some very memorable gadgets. As the DCU looks to put a new spin on Batman, fans are already starting to theorize what kind of gadgets they will get to see in the new universe.

10 Batarangs Are Batman’s Signature Weapon

  • Batman’s most versatile weapon, it has been a staple of Batman since his introduction in 1939.

There is no doubt that batarangs will be part of Batman’s arsenal in the DCU. Batman’s signature weapon, batarangs have served him in a variety of ways over the years as a crimefighter. They also take from the roots of his training as a ninja, as batarangs are shurikens that he has made into the shape of a bat.

Batman primarily uses batarangs while in combat to quickly take down his foes. On occasion, he will even throw up to three at once to take out a cluster of enemies. He has also been known to customize them in various ways, including remote control batarangs and even sonic ones. Perhaps the DCU can show a Batman in film with the most customizable batarangs yet.

9 The Grapple Gun Allows Batman to Traverse Gotham City

batman firing his grapple gun

  • The grapple gun has been seen in films but not as a means of transportation through Gotham City.


Batman’s 10 Best Bat-Gadgets, Bat-Ranked

From the utility belt to everything in the Batcave, Batman has stayed on top of criminals in Gotham by having better tech than they did.

Another signature gadget of Batman’s, his grapple gun, is arguably his most versatile gadget. Batman has used his grapple gun to traverse the mean streets of Gotham City, moving quickly from place to place. The best example of this kind of travel was found in the Batman Arkham games, as it was the player’s primary source of transportation.

In addition to using it for travel, Batman has also used the grapple gun as a weapon. In combat, he can grapple an enemy towards him, usually to deliver a final blow or to slam them into the ground. Batman also uses it when stalking his enemies, especially to disappear within a cloud of smoke. In the DCU, it would be a good opportunity to introduce the gadget to Robin to expand his arsenal.

8 The Freeze Blast Could Show How Batman Has Adapted Over the Years

Split image of Mr. Freeze Arkham City art and Batman examining the Freeze Blast grenades.

  • The Freeze Blast is one of Batman’s best gadgets in the Batman Arkham video game series.

A projectile weapon that has prominently featured in the Batman Arkham games, the Freeze Blast gives Batman the ability to freeze his enemies in place for a short time. The Caped Crusader has also used the Freeze Blast to traverse ventilation shafts while infiltrating various areas in order to close off steam pipes so he can get through.

Should the Freeze Blast make an appearance in the DCU, it can give context to Batman and his crime-fighting career. Viewers will likely see a Batman who has been on the job for a while, and what better way to show how seasoned he is than by introducing a gadget that he made after crossing paths with one of his iconic villains, Mr. Freeze. It shows that Batman has learned from his time as a hero and is prepared for anything while also showing that Mr. Freeze exists in the DCU without necessarily having him appear in the film.

7 Smoke Bombs Are Vital in Batman Lore

Batman throwing a smoke bomb in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

  • Batman’s gadget of choice when he needs to make a quick getaway.

Batman is first and foremost a stealthy fighter. He lurks in the shadows and preys on the fear of his enemies. In various media, Batman utilizes smoke bombs to disappear after defeating his enemies. He has also used it as a distraction to lure his enemies into a trap. Batman learned this in his training under Ra’s al Ghul, which makes it a near-certainty that smoke bombs will be part of Batman’s arsenal in the DCU.

As The Brave and the Bold will introduce Damian Wayne, who also trained under Ra’s al Ghul, smoke bombs will likely be a part of Damian’s gadget inventory as well. Batman will likely meet his match in Damian to an extent, and Damian will not be phased by Batman utilizing smoke bombs against him.

6 The Batcomputer is the Staple of the Batcave

  • The Batcomputer is vital for Batman’s criminal crusade.

The Batcomputer is the signature piece of the Batcave. As Bruce Wayne has unlimited resources, he can create one of the most advanced computers in the entire world. Batman uses it to survey Gotham City for crime, and he also uses it to do extensive research on the supervillains he faces.

The Batcomputer is instrumental in Batman’s work as a detective. Usually, the Batcomputer can analyze crime scenes and evidence, which gives him a closer look that he may not be able to get out in the field. The Batcomoputer is also utilized by Alfred Pennyworth while Batman is out in the city. It would be shocking not to see it in the DCU, as every Batman to date in film has had their own version of the Batcomputer in some shape or form.

5 The Voice Synthesizer Can Be Used in a New Way Within the DCU

The Voice Synthesizer as seen in Batman: Arkham Knight

  • Batman’s methods for deceiving his enemies are far from changing his voice, but also to mimic others.

Batman’s use of a voice synthesizer in movies has been very minimal to date. Usually, Batman disguises his voice to keep people off the trail of his secret identity, Bruce Wayne. The DCU has the perfect opportunity to have Batman use a voice synthesizer in a variety of ways that expand his crime-fighting tactics.

For example, in Batman: Arkham Knight, players can use the voice synthesizer to mimic villains’ voices to make their henchman walk right into one of Batman’s traps. Having a voice synthesizer used in this way would help the DCU Batman stand out from the Batmen before him while opening up a new tactic for taking down criminals for viewers to see.

4 Detective Vision Can Show Viewers What Batman is Seeing

batman suverying a dark and empty warehouse room

  • Many forget that Batman is just as great of a detective, if not better than he is a fighter.

In various media, Batman has earned the title of the “World’s Greatest Detective.” Armed with a brilliant mind, Batman is able to solve crimes at a much faster pace than the Gotham City Police Department. Batman can scan crime scenes for evidence and, on some occasions, has even recreated the crime using detective vision to catch criminals.

Detective vision is a staple of the Batman Arkham games, which helped keep a balance between Batman as a fighter and a detective. It was famously utilized in The Batman, where Batman was recording all of his time at the crime scenes to study them at the Batcave later. As the DCU should show a balanced Batman, it seems to be a no-brainer to include some type of detective vision to show the detective side of the Dark Knight.

3 A Cowl Taser Can Show Batman’s Preparedness

Bruce Wayne holding the Batman cowl

  • If an enemy thinks they’re unmasking Batman, they’ll be disappointed with the jolt they get.


Batman: Could a Knightfall Animated Adaptation Work?

Batman’s Knightfall saga has always been a curious omission from his animated filmography. But would an animated film for the story even work?

Batman usually does not end up on the wrong side of a fight, but it has been known to happen on occasion. Many criminals have dreamed of being the ones to take down Batman and unmask him to the world. The DCU would be wise to have its Batman have a cowl taser to prevent anyone from unmasking him.

In terms of films, this was first seen in The Dark Knight when one of Joker’s henchmen tried to unmask Batman when he was knocked out. Having the DCU Batman utilize this would be able to show viewers that Batman is protecting his identity at all costs, whether he is conscious at the time or not.

2 Bats Serve as Both a Distraction and a Fear Tactic

Comic book Batman in front of orange Batman logo made out of bats.

  • Bruce Wayne overcame his fear of bats to take on his Batman persona.

Often found in the Batcave, Batman has also used actual bats at his disposal. A famous getaway involving bats occurs in Batman Begins, when Batman uses them as a distraction to escape a building while being pursued by the GCPD. It remains to be seen how close the DCU Batman will be to his comic counterpart, but having Batman utilize actual bats can be a homage to his early days.

Batman has actually controlled bats through sonic devices, which would be a perfect way to keep the special “gadget” of his for modern times. They also add to Batman’s reputation as a fearsome figure, with some criminals insisting that they were attacked by a giant bat. If the DCU does not utilize bats in Batman’s arsenal, at the very least, they would add to the aesthetic of a great Batcave.

1 A Kryptonite Ring Can Be Kept By Batman…Just in Case

  • Batman is always ready for anything, even going up against his fellow Justice Leaguers.


Matt Reeves’ Arkham Asylum Series Could Pave The Way For The DCU’s Dynamic Duo

Despite The Batman franchise’s various villains in play, the Arkham Asylum series works much better with the DCU’s Batman and Robin.

The DCU will begin its feature film slate with Superman: Legacy, directed by James Gunn. As fans know, Batman will eventually cross into the DCU, and many are wondering when he will cross paths with Superman. It would make perfect sense for Batman to have a Kryptonite ring at his disposal in the DCU.

While many do not want a repeat of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Batman would likely need some form of contingency against Superman should the need ever arise. Batman has used a Kryptonite ring in the comics, which can differentiate it from the Kryptonite spear that Ben Affleck’s Batman used in Dawn of Justiceto help take down Superman. Hopefully, the DCU Batman never needs to use it against the Man of Steel.

Damien Wayne Holds Sword to Batman in The Brave and the Bold

The Brave and the Bold

The Brave and the Bold is an upcoming film focusing on Batman and his son, Damien Wayne.

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