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Apple Vision Pro, the inaugural “spatial computer” from Apple, has garnered widespread acclaim from reviewers and consumers. Despite encountering some criticism regarding its weight and potential eye strain, anticipation is high for the upcoming iteration of the Vision Pro, the media has reported. According to Mark Gurman’s insights in news agency Bloomberg’s latest Power On newsletter, the successor to the Apple Vision Pro may be “at least 18 months away”.

This means there could be a potential release in the second half of 2026. As per Gurman’s observations, made after Apple’s recent launch of the Vision Pro, indicate that the product is still evolving and presents usability challenges for daily use.

“Apple Inc. is probably at least 18 months away from launching a second-generation Vision Pro,” Gurman was quoted as syaing in his latest Power On newsletter.

Notably, Gurman remains silent on the highly anticipated pocket-friendly Apple Vision Pro, which has been the subject of recent internet speculation. Meanwhile, rumours suggest it may feature an iPhone chipset and a downgraded display.

Additionally, details about whether the second-generation Vision Pro will be an incremental or major upgrade over its predecessor are still unknown.

Following recent release of the Vision Pro, Gurman noted that the product appears to be “still in development” and presents challenges for daily usage. However,

Early adopters of Apple Vision Pro in the US opted to return the $3,499 VR headset, citing various concerns including discomfort, motion sickness, and its hefty price. As the initial enthusiasm following its launch fades, users started taking advantage of Apple’s 14-day return policy to send back their devices.

Users Returning Apple Vision Pro

Feedback from Vision Pro users on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) indicates widespread dissatisfaction with the product’s impact on health. While acknowledging the impressive technology offered by Apple, many users report experiencing headaches, motion sickness, and eye strain after using the headset. Some users attribute their discomfort to pre-existing medical conditions, highlighting the challenges faced by individuals with specific health issues.

The discomfort associated with Vision Pro mirrors common issues found in other VR headsets, such as weight and prolonged close-screen viewing leading to headaches and eye strain. Despite these challenges, users remain hopeful for improvements in future iterations of the product.

Beyond concerns about comfort, users were questioning the long-term value and justification for the high price of Vision Pro. Many feel that the current features do not warrant the steep price tag.

However, despite these drawbacks, users maintain optimism about Apple’s future in the VR market. They express eagerness for potential improvements in Vision Pro 2 and urge Apple to address current shortcomings in comfort and functionality.

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