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A dog lying next to its food bowl
Diet and exercise are an endless challenges for us, and often complicated, too, for the dogs or cats in our lives.

Each month, Houston Matters goes to the dogs…and cats, as we discuss the care and feeding of your canine and feline friends, with veterinarian Dr. Lori Teller from the Meyerland Animal Clinic and Texas A&M University.

This month’s installment focuses on diet and exercise, which are an endless challenge for us, and often complicated, too, for the dogs or cats in our lives.

In the audio above, Dr. Teller discusses the essentials in a dog or cat’s diet, and how they vary from one breed to another. We also talk with her about pet food manufacturers’ categories of food for certain types of dogs or cats, based on age, activity, and even some that are geared towards certain medical conditions, and how pet owners can determine not just whether they’ve picked the right food for their dog or cat, but when to change it up. We also talk about pet food labels, how nutrition impacts arthritis in older pets, “fresh” and “raw” food alternatives, and why to be thoughtful about scraps ore leftovers you share with your pet.

Among exercise topics discussed in the audio above: steps we can take to encourage more sedentary dogs or cats to exercise more, how we influence our pets’ exercise habits, how to engage them when we can’t keep up with them, and options for older dogs and cats that have been active, but may be slowing down as they age.

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