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  • Passengers must reserve space for their pets in advance to avoid last-minute issues with Alaska Airlines.
  • Pet owners must review the airline’s specific policies and select their preferred option for pet travel.
  • Alaska Airlines charges fees for pet travel, with in-cabin pets costing $100 and pets in the baggage compartment costing $150 each way.

Alaska Airlines has specific policies for travelers who wish to carry their pets onboard. Whether the pet travels in an in-cabin carrier or a climate-controlled cargo compartment, pet owners must follow specific policies for pet travel.

Simple Flying has compiled a list of items that would help travelers fly with their pets onboard Alaska Airlines flights, as highlighted by the airline.

1 Booking your pet’s travel

Passengers must reserve space for their furry family members

Step 1 Book your travel ticket
Step 2 Review pet travel policies and select the preferred option
Step 3 Contact reservations to reserve space for the pet

Alaska Airlines allows its passengers to travel with pets, which the airline calls “a member of the family.” Space for pet(s) must be reserved in advance to avoid any last-minute issues. The airline informs passengers to follow a three-step process for smooth travel with pets.

An Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-990/ER departing Los Angeles International Airport.

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Travelers must first book their air ticket online or through an agent. The airline website lists pet travel policies and restrictions. Passengers must review pet policies and select the most preferred option. They then contact airline reservations through phone or instant chat to reserve space for their pets.

2 Pet travel policies

Passengers must review restrictions and required documentation

Space type Carrier Restrictions Examples Airline links
Pets in cabin Must fit in under-seat carrier Small dogs, house cats, domestic rabbits, household birds Click for more information
Pets in the baggage compartment Pet and carrier combined weight limit: 150 lbs (68 kg) Dogs, cats, and other pet animals, reptiles, and fish Click for more information

The airline has specific policies for pet travel, which must be reviewed by pet owners beforehand. The policies list the required documentation, medical certificates, and other restrictions related to pet travel. If passengers choose to carry their pets in the cabin, the pet carrier must fit under the seat.


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An Alaska Airlines 737-700 Taking off from Anchorage.

Photo: Joe Kunzler | Simple Flying

Notably, only a limited number of pets are permitted in the cabin, so travelers with pets must reserve a spot for their loved ones sooner rather than later. Pets in the climate-controlled cargo area must have a maximum weight of 150 lbs (68 kg), including the carrier. If passengers believe the combined carrier weighs more, they must speak to the carrier representative beforehand.

3 Pet travel fees

Pet fees depend on the type of space

In-cabin $100 USD/CAD each way
Baggage compartment $150 USD/CAD each way

Alaska Airlines charges a nominal fee for pet travel that aligns with the other carriers nationwide. There are certain weight and size regulations for the pet carrier. The fee for an in-cabin pet is $100, whereas the baggage compartment is $150. The ticketed person carrying the pet must be 18 years or older, with proof of all necessary documentation.


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An airport worker helping a traveler with multiple dogs.

Photo: Air Canada

United States Military personnel and their dependents get a reduced rate of $100 for the baggage compartment space when traveling wholly in the state of Alaska. The airline limits the type of pet for international flights to abide by country-specific restrictions.

4 Day of pet travel

Pets must be prepared for the day of travel

Pre-flight workout
Bring pet documentation
Allow extra time for check-in
Pre-flight potty trip (airport animal relief areas)
Avoid over-watering or over-feeding

Alaska Airlines requires passengers traveling with pets to allow extra time for flight check-in. The company lists various tips for the day of pet travel to ensure a smooth journey for the pet and worry-free travel for the owner. Many airports have animal relief areas where pets can be taken for a pre-flight potty trip.

A passenger sitting in a window seat holding a small dog.

Photo: Tsuguliev | Shutterstock

At check-in time, the pet owner must provide all documentation, including health and vaccines, for their pets. Missing information or incomplete documentation may result in refusal of the service. It is recommended that passengers obtain all the information from the website or by calling the airline to prevent last-minute mishaps.


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5 Partner airlines

Pet policies differ on partner airlines

Reserve space directly with the airline
Inquire and pay pet travel fees
No transfer of pets traveling in baggage compartments to other carriers

The airline policies differ when it comes to partner airlines. Alaska Airlines suggests that pet policies, space reservations, fees, and restrictions must be checked with the partner airline directly when booking. Partner airlines may also restrict the kinds and sizes of pets allowed on their carriers.

Two Alaska Airlines and two Hawaiian Airlines aircraft parked on an airport apron.

Photo: EQRoy | Shutterstock


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Passengers must obtain all information from partner airlines where connecting carriers are involved. According to the airline,

“If plans include travel on another airline, please contact the partner airline directly to reserve space, determine fees and obtain additional information. Alaska Airlines does not transfer pets traveling in the baggage compartment to other carriers. Pets must be claimed and rechecked to the connecting carrier.”

What are your thoughts on Alaska Airlines’ pet policies? Have you traveled with the carrier with a pet? Share your experience in the comments section.

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