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More than 500 private jets flew out of Las Vegas after the Kansas City Chiefs’ win over the San Francisco 49ers.

A radar image showing the private planes jetting off from Las Vegas has earned the ire of everyday people, angry with the amount of pollution they would have caused, while some joked about the shabbiness of their own vehicles in comparison.

This year’s Super Bowl had the second-highest number of jets flying in, with 882 landing in Las Vegas ahead of the big game, according to business flight tracker WingX.

private jet
A private jet takes off from Los Angeles International Airport on September 11, 2023. Around 882 private jets flew to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl.

Patrick T. Fallon/Getty Images

Celebrities from Taylor Swift to Justin Bieber and Leonardo DiCaprio attended the Super Bowl, with a lot of attention being paid to Swift, who rushed back to the U.S. from her Eras tour in Japan.

Swift is dating Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce, and she has come under fire for flying to and from his games on her private jet amid concerns about pollution and global warming. Her VistaJet Global 6000 plane flew from Tokyo to Los Angeles and then onto to Las Vegas as she rushed to make the big game.

The flight tracking data also revealed 81 flights went backwards and forwards to Los Angeles over the weekend, which is less than an hour away. Another private trip that caught people’s attention was in the air for less than 30 minutes, per The Washington Post.

A local Las Vegas account on X, formerly Twitter, shared the radar images of the planes leaving the Super Bowl and went viral with 7.6 million views.

“525 private jets departed Las Vegas after the Super Bowl ended. Several had paper straws onboard,” the Las Vegas Locally account captioned the post.

“Wow! How much carbon did they give off?” replied one person.

Another added: “The ones that b**** about carbon footprints, left theirs in Las Vegas”

And a third wrote: “wait what ?? I thought the big bad Taylor Swift was the only problem ? you mean to tell me there’s others ??”

Swift’s private jet usage has also been under scrutiny recently after she threatened legal action against celebrity jet tracker Jack Sweeney.

According to Sweeney’s X account, Taylor Swift Jets (@SwiftJetNextDay), her private jet flights produced 77.8342 tons of carbon dioxide between December 25 and January 30 alone. But she may not have been on all of those flights, as she recently sold one of her two private jets.

Sweeney defended his decision to publish Swift’s carbon emissions.

“Swift’s team suggests that I have no legitimate interest in sharing jet information, which is fundamentally incorrect,” he told Newsweek on February 8. “Her fans, who have grown the Taylor Swift Jets’ accounts and subreddit, are the ones truly interested. These tracking accounts consistently have more supporters and fans.”

Swift was also previously named “biggest celebrity CO2 polluter” by the social media account Celebrity Jets, which documented the private jet journeys of stars including Kylie Jenner, Stephen Spielberg and Drake.