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They managed to move past a little love triangle involving AD, Matthew and Amber, and it was clear that their connection was still apparent in real life.

Like some of the other couples, they had a few bumps along the way as Clay shared his worries around commitment, having witnessed his father cheat on his mother during their 24-year marriage.

Nevertheless, these two seemed determined to make it work, and had blessings from both their families.

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But did they make it down the aisle? And are they still together today?

Read on for everything you need to know about Clay and AD – one of the couples in the Love Is Blind season 6 cast.

Did AD and Clay get married on Love Is Blind?

AD and Clay on Love Is Blind. AD is wearing a wedding dress and Clay is in a shirt and tie. He is looking seriously at her

AD and Clay after their disastrous episode at the altar on Love Is Blind Netflix

Unfortunately AD and Clay did not end up getting married on Love Is Blind.

While AD said “I do” at the altar, Clay couldn’t commit, saying: “I don’t think it’s responsible for me to say ‘I do’.”
He thanked her for the time they’d spent together, and insisted that he wasn’t ending things but that he couldn’t say yes because he had more “work” to do on himself before being “100 per cent” ready for marriage.

“I want you to know that I’m rocking with you,” he explained.

As AD began to get emotional, he asked her, “Why does it matter with the timing?” at which point she walked off with her mum and sisters.

She gave his mum a hug before leaving and retreated to her dressing room, where she broke down in tears, saying: “I’m just so upset! I’m just so confused. F***ing idiot! I’m just never enough!”

Her sisters tried to reassure her, and back at the wedding, Clay had serious conversations with his mum and dad. He then went to visit AD and told her that seeing her upset was hurting him.

“What am I supposed to do now?” she asked.

“You think I’m leaving you?” he said.

Clay then told her that he didn’t want to commit to something after two weeks when he wasn’t ready, and that he still wanted them to be together, go to therapy and do the work to get to that point.

Are Love Is Blind’s AD and Clay still together?

It’s not known if Clay and AD continued dating after the show.

While Clay mentioned that he still wanted to work on things, at the end of episode 12 AD shared her thoughts on this.

“I don’t see myself continuing to date him… You don’t want to pick me, somebody else will. I’m done! My heart is like completely broken,” she said before getting in her car home.

Both Clay and AD appear to be following each other on Instagram, so it seems they’re still cordial – and a few likes and interactions here and there on social media could hint they might still be romantically involved.

Both AD and Clay will be on the Love Is Blind season 6 reunion on Wednesday 13th March, so fans will get all the answers they need then.

They haven’t been pictured together as a couple in the promotional material for the reunion, however, which doesn’t seem like a good sign.

That said, the Love Is Blind reunion teaser trailer does see Clay admitting: “She’s honestly the love of my life and I did make a mistake.”

Who is Amber Desiree ‘AD’?

Amber Desiree 'AD' wearing a blue dress sitting down on a sofa while talking in the pods on Love Is Blind season 6.

Amber Desiree ‘AD’. © 2024 Netflix, Inc.

Age: 33

Occupation: Real estate broker

Instagram: @amberdesiree

Amber is a 33-year-old real estate broker. She joined the show in the hopes of finding a forever type of love that stems from a “soul connection”, as she believes she has wasted enough time on men who haven’t been ready to commit.

“Timing just has not been on my side,” she said. “I’ve always been ready, and then I meet people who are either halfway ready, or lie to me.”

At the centre of her dream marriage is respect and friendship, as she is “not going to sacrifice [her] integrity for love”.

“I stand strong in the things that I believe. I’m a strong, proud Black woman and these are things that I just will not bend on.”

Who is Clay?

Clay in an all-orange suit with his hands together, posing in front of a purple background

Clay. Adam Rose/Netflix

Age: 31

Occupation: Enterprise sales/entrepreneur

Instagram: @clay_gravesande

Clay is a 31-year-old entrepreneur.

He describes himself as a “very vulnerable” guy who is ready to put the effort in the love. “I got myself a house. I got myself a good job,” he said. “This is the moment where I’m ready.”

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