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A groom’s unconventional choice of wearing Crocs at his wedding has sparked online debate. While some speculated about groom’s potential foot issues, others humorously suggest the bride might also be wearing Crocs.

Groom wears Crocs on his wedding day | Image: Reddit

New Delhi: Couples plan their wedding day to the minutest of the details. From wedding decor to their attire, everything needs to be perfect. Etiquette around wedding attire has evolved over the last few years. However, one groom’s attire made us say “dulhe ka tareeka thoda casual hai” after he turned up at his wedding wearing Crocs footwear.

Brides and grooms nowadays are ditching the traditional wedding outfits and choosing to wear comfortable wedding dresses on their big day. But this groom decided to show up at his wedding in Crocs sandals. (Well, many brides are now opting to wear shoes under the wedding lehengas as moving around in heels is super uncomfortable!)

A photo of the bride and groom has gone viral on Reddit, with the caption, “Imagine you get ready for three hours and your groom shows up in Crocs.”

Groom wears Crocs on his wedding day

Groom wears Crocs on his wedding day

Groom wears Crocs on his wedding day | Image: Reddit

The photo has gone viral on reddit, with netizens trying to guess why the groom was wearing Crocs at his wedding. While some thought he had foot issues, others joked that the bride could also be wearing Crocs. Some even wondered if the picture was a result of the joota-churaayi rasam.

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Netizens react

One user said, “I hope it’s an inside joke between the two of them and she’s also wearing Crocs.” Another wrote, “Yeah based on the fact that he’s still wearing a nice suit and has obviously had his hair done for this I doubt this is unintentional or not humorous.”

A third user added, “Other than the Crocs he’s dressed sharp. Best guess [is] he has foot issues. They also look brand new. Or, he’s the largest stock holder of crocs.”

Someone commented, “The older I get the more hostile I become to discomfort. At this point I’m thrilled to see someone in Crocs at their wedding. I wish more people had the confidence to choose function and comfort over attractiveness and social norms.” A post read, “Let the man get married in something comfortable. My wife could have shown up in a potatosack barefoot for all I cared, she is there to marry me, not for a fashion show.”

A sixth user suggested, “Maybe he forgot to pack his dress shoes and they got dressed at the venue and there was no time to go back for them? Maybe they fell into a nasty mud puddle. Who knows. I suspect there’s an explanation and it isn’t that he thought they were appropriate with his suit and refused to wear something nicer.” A comment noted, “They’re clearly his formal crocs.”

Yet another quipped, “On a serious note. In some cultures, Bride’s sisters or friends steal the shoes and hides it. Groom’s brothers and friends are supposed to protect those shoes. When they fail, this pic is the result. Groom gets back his shoes when he pay brides party the amount they demand. Longer you delay the payment longer you wear the crocs. Fun part is the negotiations for that amount.”

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