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Royal fans have been left in hysterics after a photo of Queen Victoria ‘photobombing’ her son’s wedding portrait resurfaced.

The photo, from the wedding day of Prince Edward Albert (later King Edward VII), shows the late monarch in the forefront of the photo in a black outfit to signal she is in mourning for her husband Prince Albert.

Queen Victoria famously wore black from the age of 72 for the remainder of her life when she was grief-stricken by the death of her husband from Russian flu.

In the wedding photo, dated 10 March 1863, Prince Edward and his bride, Alexandra of Denmark, pose solemnly for the portrait, while Edward’s mother Queen Victoria is sat in front of them wearing her crepe silk black mourning dress, facing a bust of Prince Albert on a pillar.

After the photo was posed on X/Twitter by journalist Madeleine Grant, people couldn’t contain their amusement at the image, with many joking Queen Victoria would have been a difficult mother-in-law for Alexandra to live with.

A photo has resurfaced on X/Twitter of Queen Victoria ‘photobombing’ her son Prince Edward on his wedding day

The journalist posted the portrait on the social media platform with the caption: ‘As wedding pictures go it doesn’t get much better than Queen Victoria insisting on photobombing her son and his wife, by sitting between them wearing full mourning dress and staring at a bust of her dead husband.’

In response, people were overwhelmingly amused by the snap and thought the late Queen’s behaviour was hilarious.

One person said the photo had made them ‘guffaw’ while another said they were ‘laughing out loud’ at it.

The late monarch was in mourning for the rest of her life after her husband Prince Albert died from Russian flu
X users joked the late monarch was a ‘mother-in-law from hell’ after the portrait resurfaced

Others joked she was the ‘mother-in-law from hell’ with one X user writing: ‘You might think you have difficult family members.. But if your mother in law hasn’t dragged her dead husband’s “corpse” to your wedding do you REALLY have difficult family members?’

Queen Victoria was also branded a ‘diva’ and a goth for her scene-stealing moment.

After Prince Albert died in 1861, Queen Victoria went into mourning for the rest of her life and became known for wearing a black mourning dress. 

In 2018, the crepe silk gown went on display for the first time at the Museum of London.

Speaking about the display, curator Roz Sherris revealed that visitors may be surprised at the 4ft 8in queen’s petite stature.

‘She was very small. I think that is going to surprise a lot of people,’ she said.

In 2011, a letter emerged in which the Queen wrote about yearning for her own death so she could be reunited with her husband. 

Victoria wrote the ‘astonishing’ letter in March 1863, the same month as her son’s wedding and some 15 months after Albert’s death, to 82-year-old Viscount Gough, one of the most decorated military figures of the 19th century.

Sending her condolences on the death of his wife, she wrote: ‘The Queen has heard with much concern of the sad affliction that has befallen Lord Gough and is anxious to express personally her sincere sympathy to him.

‘Irreparable as his loss is how blessed to have lived together until the evening of their lives with the comfort and hope of the separation being a short one.

‘To the poor Queen this blessing so needful to her has been denied and she can only hope never to live to old age but be allowed to rejoin her beloved great and loyal husband before many years elapse.’

The letter was written on Windsor Castle ‘mourning paper’. It is edged with thick black borders, as is the envelope. 

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