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What makes a “good” photo? This is a difficult question to answer because, like many types of art, determining whether a photo is “good” or not is an extremely subjective process. Perhaps this is why one photographer is under fire on TikTok for mentioning their starting rate is $8,500 for their laid-back, sometimes blurry, wedding photography aesthetic.

Katie ( posted a TikTok about their wedding photography rates after someone with a $2,000 budget inquired about their services. The video has a song that says, “You think I’m psycho, don’t you, mama?” To which TikToker @hausdrama responded, “Maybe just a tiny little bit.” They then walk viewers through some of Katie’s photographs to see if the price is, in their opinion, justified.

“What I did see is she’s a really big fan of blurry photos,” they say while showing a picture of rings Katie posted on Instagram. “I just feel like the jewelry placement—it’s just not working.”

They go on to show images of wedding dresses and a few brides that Katie photographed.

“I would say posing wedding dresses for a photo is not her strong suit,” @hausofdrama says about Katie’s photographs.

The video by @hausofdrama has over 2.8 million views and over 4,000 comments as of this article’s publishing.

Many in the comments section agree with @hausdrama’s critique of Katie’s photographs.

“It’s giving … astigmatism,” says one comment.

“Some of these photos remind me of the artsy ones I took with my iPhone 4s…,” mentions another.

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Considering the buzz that @hausdrama’s video got, they decided to make another video where they compared Katie’s prices to those of other wedding photographers featured in an article on In this video, they explain that several other photographers in the article charge more than Katie for their starting rate. However, many also mentioned that they adjust the packages they offer to be compatible with their client’s budgets and that they’re open to conversations. @hausdrama states that it doesn’t seem like Katie did this and that making a video talking about people who can’t afford their services is rude.

In a twist of events, many folks in the comments section of this video disagree with @hausdrama’s drag of Katie’s rates and photography.

“Sh*t like this is what made me stop making content. The internet is full of bullies. She’s a mom. This is her livelihood. Imagine trying to ruin that just because you can’t afford her/she’s not your specific style,” says a comment.

“Why are you so mad at artists making good money?” another viewer asks. “Let her be successful & thriving girl it doesn’t hurt you.”

“If a client inquired with me and said their budget is 2k and I charge 6.5k (minimum) nothing I offer will fit their needs. it’s literally fine if you can’t afford my services,” another photographer mentions.

As you can see, the internet is at odds about whether Katie’s prices are justified and whether @hausofdrama even has a right to comment on them. While some say the photos lack skill, others believe it boils down to personal preference and that photographers have a right to set prices that work best for them and their livelihoods.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Katie via email and @hausofdrama via TikTok for comment.


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